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Course Code : MS – 02

Course Title : Management of Human Resources

Assignment Code : MS-02 /TMA/SEM – II /2012

Coverage : All Blocks


Note: Answer all the questions and send them to the Coordinator of the Study Centre you are attached with.


1) The 21st century would see the following inter-related phenomena emerging, posing challenges to the corporate world and culminating in Olympian competition:


· Borderless world

· Diversity, and

· Knowledge Power


The cross-cultural, cross-border mingling has resulted in the creation of a new class of people-global citizens with global attitudes, tastes and networks. Since it unleashes multiple variables, the borderless world precludes immense complexity-complexity in the environment, in inter-organizational relationships, in modes of conducting business and in socio-cultural diversity.

Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concepts with relevant example. You may describe the incident/situation being referred/quoted in support of answer/s.

2) Discuss and critically evaluate the concept and purpose of mobility as part of overall organisational process and functioning. Explain the effect/impact of mobility on the functioning of organisation with real life organisational example you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to.


3) What are various methods of Performance Appraisal? What problem are generally encountered in Performance Appraisal? Explain with examples from the organisation you have been working in or familiar with. Describe the organisational set up you are referring to.


4) Why are motivational aspects and Reward Management assuming greater importance in organisational functioning day by day? Explain with live example from your own experience or from your familiarity as to what kind of Reward System exists in the organisation and the impact it had on the overall management of the organisation. Briefly describe the organisation and the situation you are referring to.

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