IMT 98 System Forensics M1

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IMT 98 System Forensics M1
1. What are logical gates and how do they function? Explain various types of logical gates.

2. What do you mean by file structure and how it can be used to repair the corrupt files?

3. What is disk spanning? How does it differ from disk partitioning?

4. Explain HPO and DCO in detail.

5. Explain the process of setting up the HPA and highlight its importance in a forensic Investigation.

6. Explain the fundamentals of Resident and nonresident attributes, what are data runs as referred to in nonresident attributes?

7. What is rainbow table? Explain the time – memory tradeoff in rainbow tables.

8. Explain the functioning of Info2 file and recycle bin. How an investigator can parse it manually to extract the information.

9. What is thumbs.db file? Why it is important for a forensic investigation?

10. What is Steganography? Why is it possible to hide the data in an image file without substantial distortion in it and without increasing the size of the file?
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