IMT 95 Security Solutions M1

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IMT 95 Security Solutions M1


Assignment – A


1. What are the two types of fabrication?

2. What is the difference between Secret Key Cryptography (SKC) and Public Key Cryptography (PKC)

3. Define the different types of IDS.

4. What is preprocessing in IDS?

5. What is Heuristics in IDS terminology9

6. Define the primary components for the multitier IDS architecture.

7. Define the various sensor deployment patterns in detail.

8. What is a spanning port?

9. What are ephemeral port numbers?

10. Define fragmentation and path MTU discovery.


Assignment – B


1. What are the advantages of using HIDS?

2. Differentiate between source address spoofing (inbound traffic) and source address spoofing (outbound traffic).

3. What are the different types of IDS architectures?

4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using an IDS agent.

5. How can network-based IDS be implemented in a heavily switched environment? Discuss the various options available.
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