IMT-55: Total Quality Management M3

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IMT-55: Total Quality Management M3
1. Explain the contribution of Juran.
2. List various technique to sustain continuous improvement, and explain.
3. A Pareto chart for the number of defects in a foundry is shown in the following table. The data of four
categories of defects was recorded.
Crack 71
Leak 12
Rusty 30
Others 38
Explain the correct conventional listing for the Pareto chart from left to right.
4. What is six Quality Cost.? Explain with example.
5. Write note on lean production, and SPC.
1. What is the difference between TQM and QC? Explain with example.
2. What is quality Circle ? Explain the advantage.
3. Write a plan to implement TQM in a college.
4. Define leadership.
5. List various techniques to sustain continuous improvement.
1. Define quality.
2. How does employee satisfaction relate to customer satisfaction?
3. Select one or more of deming’s 14 points and describe how you would achieve or implement it.
4. State and explain the seven tools of TQM.
5. What is the concept of six sigma and explain the steps of DMAC . 2

The Car manufacturer collected the data for quality As

X1 X2 X3 X4 X5
1. 5 4 3 5 6
2. 4 4.5 3.6 5 5
3. 5 5 6 3 3
4. 4 3 5 6 3.6
Draw the X chart and R chart and explain the defect . Also explain the steps for other run charts.

A major record-of the month club collected data on the reasons for returned shipments during a quarter. Result are :
wrong selection,50000; refused, 195000; wrong address, 68000; order canceled,5000;and other, 15000. Construct a
Pareto diagram.
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