IMT 54 Business Law M4

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IMT 54 Business Law M4
1. While all contracts are agreements, all agreements are not necessarily contracts.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, by citing suitable illustrative examples.
2. What is the position of a contract with or by a minor? Explain in detail.
3. What are the various elements which are considered necessary to constitute a ‘Free Consent’.
4. Explain with examples the doctrine of supervening impossibility.
5. Differentiate between Sale and Agreement to sell.

1. What do you mean by LLP? Give the process of registering LLP electronically.
2. What is a company? Give its essentials.
3. Give detailed process of registering a company under electronic system.
4. Explain Doctrine of Ultravires. .
5. What is a prospectus? Why is it considered a sacred document?

1. What do you mean by Negotiable Instruments? What do you mean by ‘bouncing of cheque’? What are legal remedies for dishonor of cheque?
2. Give various types of Intellectual Property in detail.
3. Who is a consumer? Give pecuniary jurisdiction of consumer forums.
4. Explain competition law in detail.
5. What is RTI? How will you file a RTI application?
Sandeep had sold his house to Bachchan for Rs10 lakh. It was only later that he came to know that it was even conservatively estimated to be worth at least Rs 25 lakh. Immediately there- after, he preferred to back out and refused to perform the contract by giving an undisputed possession of his house to Bachchan, on the plea that the sale price was too inadequate, and that he (Bachchan) must pay him Rs15 lakh more, when alone he will sell his house to him. Thereupon, Bachchan filed a suit against Sandeep to perform the valid contract entered into between them. What are the chances of Bachchan winning the case? Give reasons for your answer.
Sudhakar had agreed to rent his house to Gaurav on a monthly rental of Rs 21,000. But, in the rel ative agreement document the rental was, by mistake, typed as Rs 12,000 per month, instead. In your expert opinion, will this agreement be held valid, voidable or void? Give reasons for your answer.
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