IMT 46 Computer Aided Management M1

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IMT 46 Computer Aided Management M1

1. What is the purpose of a formula bar in a spread-sheet program?
2. Explain the term ‘ Freeware’.
3. List five business applications for which one can use Excel.
4. How database is more reliable than file management Systems?
5. List some of the procedures using which one can calculate Measures of Central


1. What are the benefits of the following facilities in MS Word: Mail Merge, Header
and Footer, AutoCorrect, AutoFormat, AutoText? Computer Aided Management Page 2 of 2 IMT-46

2. Explain the web designing tips.
3. What is spyware?
4. What is a Web bug?
5. Why one needs to create Report?

1. What is the relevance of Auditing Tools in Excel?
2. Name five key types of Graphics Software.
3. Write a brief note on the following:
(a) Ledger (b) Tally Vault (c) On screen Key board
4. Describe the complete process ti link two or more work sheets.
5. While using NPV, in what scenario one can say the project is viable?

Create the student database and answer the following queries using MS Access:

(a) List the MBA graduates
(b) Student with first name as “ JOY”
(c) Students with first name as “JOY” or “JOE”
(d) Name of IT students.
(e) List of all electives.

A retail company is thinking to open a new stationary store in the local mall. The fixed
cost to open and manage a store is 30000 Us Dollar, unit price that they want to charge
for each item is Rs 10 and average unit cost is Rs. 2. Management wants to find the
optimal demand, so that they are able to break even.
(i) In this case Which tools of Ms excel will give the solution , explain the
tools and steps for solving the problem.
(II) Explain all the three kind of What if analysis tools.
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