IMT 2014-New

IMT 2014 assignment

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IMT-01: Management Process Organization M3
IMT-05: Advertising and Sales Promotion M3
IMT-07: Working Capital Management M3
IMT-09: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management M3
IMT-10: Business Communication M4
IMT-11: Managing People M1
IMT-12: Human Resource Management M4
IMT-13: Management Union Relations M3
IMT-14: Organizational Structure & Behaviour M4
IMT-15: Production & Operation Management M4
IMT-17: International Marketing M2
IMT 18 Export Finance and Documentation M2
IMT-20: Managerial Economics M3
IMT-24: Quantitative Techniques M2
IMT-31: Web Technology M1
IMT 36 Java Programming M1
IMT-37 Data Base Management System / DBMS (ORACLE) M2
IMT-40: Marketing Management M2
IMT-41: Indian Financial Service M2
IMT-46: Computer Aided Management M1
IMT-49: Business Ethics M2
IMT-51: Manufacturing Strategies M3
IMT-54: Business Law M4
IMT-55: Total Quality Management M3
IMT-56: Strategic Management M2
IMT-57: Financial Accounting M2
IMT-58: Management Accounting M3
IMT-59: Financial Management M4
IMT-60: Training & Development M3
IMT-62: Strategic HRD M3
IMT-63: Group Dynamics & Managing Change M2
IMT-65: MIS Management Information Systems M2
IMT-70: Marketing of Service Industry M3
IMT-74: Managing HR in Global Environment M3
IMT-75: Brand Management M4
IMT-79: Economic Environment in India M3
IMT-86: International Financial Management M2
IMT-97: Mobile Platforms Security M1
IMT-98: System Forensics M1
IMT-100: Software Project Management M2
IMT-120: Business Research Methods M1
NLU 01 Cyber Laws National and International Perspective M2
NLU 02 E-Commerce, E-Taxation & Regulatory Paradigm M2
NLU-07: Informational Technology Management M1
NLU-08: Cyber Crimes Computer Forensics And Digital Evidence M1