IMT 13 Management Union Relations M2

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IMT 13 Management Union Relations M2



Q1. What are obligations of employer under Provident Fund Act? What is pensionable service? Write in detail.


Q2. Explain in detail —

Code of Discipline
Writ of Certiorari

Q3. What are the conditions under which a strike or lock-out is considered illegal? Also explain–


lighting strike

Q4. Discuss briefly the powers of ESI corporation? How is contribution of employer as well as employee to be paid to the ESI Corporation?


Q5. Explain IESO Act? What are it’s major features?




Q1. Write short notes on

Types of Conciliation
Parties of “Industrial Dispute”

Q2. What is ‘collective bargaining’ & types of ‘collective bargaining’? Describe in detail essential factors for the success of collective bargaining.


Q3. What are the major forums of worker’s participation? What are the major hurdles for workers participation?


Q4. Distinguish between —

Arbitration & National tribunal
Domestic enquiry & labor court

Q5. What is the procedure to to register a trade union? Explain how political affiliation help trade unions?




Q1. What are the implications of bata shoe company v. d.n ganguly case? What is importance of section 11-A of industrial dispute Act?


Q2. Write short notes on—

a. “victimization” as per supreme court judgment in bharat iron works v. bhagubhai patel

b. National commission on labor


Q3. What is the difference between

a. check off & exit interview

b. settlement & award


Q4. What are the main features of workers in the management bill 1990? How these features can be enforced?


Q5. What is gratuity? What can an employee do if he is being refused his gratuity on leaving his

company after seven years of service?





Suma ltd is having its plant in Ghaziabad where 500 workers are working. It has also got workers union in the plant. It opened a new plant in greater noida where 300 workers got jobs. The new plants’s workers decided to form a separate union but company refused to allow formation new union. The workers went on a strike & also damaged property of the company. After hectic negotiations, the strike was called off. But the company asked workers to sign a undertaking that they will neither resort to violence nor they will damage any property of company. The workers refused to do so & again went on strike. Based on above facts answer the following questions—


1- Can any company refused formation of new union by its workers?

2-What actions a company can take against those workers who damaged the property of company?

3- Can workers refuse signing of such bond? Can company incorporate these conditions in its standing order? If yes how?





Princess was employed in company for last 3 year. One day she was caught stealing from the company. She was dismissed from the job with one month salary. Is the company’s action legal? If you were the labor officer, how would you terminate services of such employee.(Give proper procedure)

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