IMT 12 Human Resource Management M1

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IMT 12 Human Resource Management M1

1. What guidelines would you suggest the HR manager to manage ethics in the organization.
2. What do you mean by the statement ‘HRM is a line manager’s responsibility but a staff
3. Discuss the benefits of HR audit.
4. Write short note on:
a.) Succession planning
b.) List the types of induction programs
5. Explain human resource accounting method

1. State the objectives of job evaluation
2. Explain the process of Human Resource Planning.
3. What are the factors that lead employers to lay-off?
4. What are the problems in Quality Circles?
5. Discuss the determinants of job satisfaction using a diagram.

1. Explain the need for counseling.
2. Define human relations.
3. What are the five ethical principles identified by participative management.
4. What are the stages in the empowering process.
5. Discuss the factors that are to be considered while selecting a training method.

Fred’s Situation
Fred was not handling the change in his department well. The company had recently changed hands,
and even though no jobs had been lost, people had been changing jobs and were being asked to
move to different locations. The new leadership had a completely different outlook than those people
he had worked under for the past 21 years. Fred found that he was unable to concentrate at work and
generally felt like he did not like his job anymore. At home, he was getting headaches and having Human Resource Management.
trouble sleeping, which only enhanced his feeling that things were not going to work out well for him.
When he thought about it, he had always hated change. He worked in the job he did partially because
it was considered stable (boring to some) and predictable. Fred’s new boss kept trying to convince
him that he was a valuable employee and that new opportunity, along with salary increases, were in
his future. Unfortunately, Fred felt like he never knew what to expect the next day and what Fred
really wanted was to have things the way they used to be.
1. Why was Fred getting headaches?
2. Why Fred’s new boss did not succeed in convincing him?
Sri Ram Pharmacy:
K.U. Nayak is the Managing Director of Sri Ram Pharmacy, a medium sized pharmaceutical firm in
Mangalore. He holds an MS degree in Pharmacy. He has been managing the company since its
inception in 1980. For more than two decades the company has been doing reasonable well.
Recently, Mr. Nayak noticed that the workers were not working to their full potential. They would fill
their days with unnecessary and unproductive activities and work only for the sake of wages. Since
the last one year, the situation has become quite alarming as the organization had begun to crumble
under the weight of uneconomical effort. The situation demanded prompt remedial measures to check
the detrimental trend. Mr. Nayak understands that the only way to progress and prosperity is to
motivate workers to peak performance through various incentive plans.
Mr. Nayak asked the HR Manager what the problem with the workers was. “We pay the highest in the
industry. Our working conditions are excellent. Our fringe benefits are the best in the industry. Still the
workers are not motivated. Find out what the workers really want. Unless productivity increases we
are doomed.”
The HR Manager made a detailed investigation and concluded that the wages, fringe benefits and
working conditions were not enough. Besides this there were other important factors. “I have found
out from the workers that work and efficiency go unnoticed and unrewarded in the company. The
promotions and benefit plans are tied to the length of service. Even unproductive workers enjoy all the
benefits in the organization, which in fact, according to the workers, should go only to those who work
hard. As a result more and more workers are joining the bandwagon of non-performers. This has
become quite alarming as workers refuse to perform.”
1. Explain the motivational problem in this case by relating it to Herzberg’s theory.
2. Analyze the problem in depth and find the solution.
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